Korean (Kalbi) Short Ribs

Kalbi short ribs are Korean barbecued short ribs marinated in a sweet and salty sauce. Usually the sweetener includes sugar as well as some fruit like a Korean pear. We're making Korean short ribs today, but we're using a little trick to make the cooking process faster so you can get those short ribs ready for your family on a busy weeknight or the weekend! This recipe is so simple, you actually only need two ingredients!

Elevation Beef Short Ribs
J. Brady Seasoning's Seoul Shake 

Start off by filleting the short ribs into long strips (like in this video.) Once the meat has been filleted, cover the ribs with the J. Brady Seasoning's Seoul Shake and let it rest for an hour or two. After the meat has rested, grill the ribs on a hot grill or pan for one to two minutes on each side. 

Serve the short ribs with rice.

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