Our favorite fall Instantpot recipes

Let a pressure cooker like an Instantpot do all the work for you. Just set it and open the lid to a beautiful fall meal the whole family will love.

Korean Short Ribs

Flank Steak - Instant Pot Carne Asada Tacos (Street Tacos)

Tri Tip Roast - Pot Roast or try making shredded beef tacos

Steak Strips - Our steak strips make an easy stir fry meal in minutes, you may opt to skip the pressure cooker setting and just do the saute setting since our Wagyu beef is so tender compared to other cuts of beef

Steak Bites - Our steak bites are cut off from the trim of our many delicious steak cuts, so skip the cutting of your steak, just pat dry and follow the other directions in this recipe.
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