About Us

From our family to yours.

We bring you the healthiest, most flavorful premium American Wagyu beef that you can find.


Elevation Beef is the passion project of the Rhoades family.

The Beginning

Ryan and Jacqueline Rhoades met in 2004 while at school at Texas A&M University. Although both had individually grown up in the world of agriculture, neither was raised on a cattle ranch or had any family ties to one. 

Ryan – affectionately known as “The Beef Doctor” – holds a Ph.D. in ranch management and nutrition, as well as a graduate degree in meat science. He is a highly sought after expert immersed in the world of beef feeding and genetics.

Through his research, he ultimately uncovered the "steer that changed it all" – a Wagyu steer that had the highest grading carcass in the United States. This led to a methodology for developing the highest level of healthy marbling in Wagyu beef.

Jacqueline, a pediatric dietician, was equally taken with the remarkable scientific basis for establishing the highest quality and most nutritionally dense Wagyu beef possible. 

Together, Jacqueline and Ryan joined forces, built their own family and invested in their dream of developing their own premium beef operation. In 2016, they started their own ranch with 16 head of highly prized premium Wagyu cattle, which they raised and nurtured using their combined expertise in nutrition, genetics and meat science. Based on their deep commitment to the highest quality and most scientifically based nutrition, their dream ranch and business has grown exponentially, currently thriving with the highest quality premium American Wagyu cattle in the country.   


It is our privilege to share our knowledge, our dreams and our family with yours, and to bring you the healthiest and most nutritious American Wagyu beef products that you can find. We produce the most delicious steaks available, marbled liberally with the healthiest kind of monosaturated fat – comparable to that found in premium olive oil! Soft and nutritious enough to feed even the youngest babies (we’ve fed our own!), our premium American Wagyu is celebrated for its rich and buttery melt-in-your-mouth flavor and provides you with an incomparably tender and memorable dining experience.

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